Is the Fabeled Gin Boom Finally Arriving?

Gin. As a supplier and now a distributor, walking into a retail liquor store with a new brand of gin almost always guarantees an exaggerated eye roll as the particulars of the product are described.

Gin. “They’re just making this until their whiskey ages.”

Gin. And juice. Once looked down upon by retailers as only a ‘certain demographic’ bought this category, we’ve all bought into the rumors that it’s the next big category.

Gin. We’re waiting on you to explode. True that many (many) craft distillers are producing their own take on the juniper-flavored vodka, but we don’t mind as many expressions of brown water- even when the distiller’s only expression of said spirit was in the “picking” of stock barrels.

All we are saying is give gin a chance.

Gruppo Campari did. 58 million chances, in fact, with the purchase of the premium brand BULLDOG.



The Corsair Malt House is Smokin’

I enjoyed a recent visit to Corsair’s Malt House in Bells Bend, TN. Click on the link below for the full scoop on their unique smoking program and a walk through the malting process. 

Nashville’s Corsair Artisan Distillery proves the depth of their badassness with the Corsair Malt House, creating a variety of smoked, malted barley.

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Whiskey is brewing in Chattanooga after 100 year dry spell – Nashville whiskey |

Chattanooga Whiskey opens the Tennessee Stillhouse this week with a grand opening celebration Tuesday.  Founder Tim Piersant recently walked me through the new facility, reflecting on how far they’ve come and where they’re heading.  Read all about it here: Whiskey is brewing in Chattanooga after 100 year dry spell – Nashville whiskey | Whiskey Company Logo

This Texas whiskey maker is buying Heavy Seas’ brewhouse to start a new distillery – Baltimore Business Journal

After a much sensationalized departure from Balcones, which Chip Tate founded, Tate Distillery is rising from the ashes and giving whiskey lovers something positive to talk about.

This Texas whiskey maker is buying Heavy Seas’ brewhouse to start a new distillery – Baltimore Business Journal.

Upcoming Events | Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm: Craft Distilling and Tourism in Louisville | The Filson Historical Society

Bourbon historian Michael Veach to lead discussion on craft distilling and bourbon tourism at the next Bourbon Salon!

Upcoming Events | Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Farm: Craft Distilling and Tourism in Louisville | The Filson Historical Society.

Tenn South Distillery- the perfect mix of tradition & innovation

IMG_7534This is the picture of a craft distillery.  The barn-like exterior isn’t meant to fool you into thinking that Tenn South is a small distillery.  Tenn South is a small distillery.  Tiny, even.  About an hour’s drive south of Nashville, one arrives at Tenn South purposefully; it’s not on the way to anywhere. Less than 10 miles off I-65 in Giles County, you’ll go through “downtown” Lynnville before arriving at the distillery.  This sleeper town occupies a whopping .3 square miles and is home to about 350 people.  Lynnville is also home to other regionally famous artisans Colonel Littleton and The Lynnville Pie Company.

Not an uncommon aspiration to Tennesseans, brothers-in-law Blair Butler and Clayton Cutler dreamed of making Tennessee Whiskey.  Dr. Butler, a radiologist in nearby Columbia and Cutler, a technical process engineering guy with a long history in inkjet manufacturing, may not seem to be your likely suspects for following through on such a dream.  But June 25, 2009 turned that dream into a plan when Governor Phil Bredesen signed off on a law allowing for the “manufacturing of intoxicating liquors” in counties that had approved retail package sales and liquor-by-the-drink sales.  The distillery bill, SB1955/HB1720, exponentially increased the number of counties where dreamers like Butler & Cutler could open their own distilleries.  Where once there were only three, now dozens of counties were eligible.

Enter Tenn South Distillery. Continue reading Tenn South Distillery- the perfect mix of tradition & innovation

Old Glory Distilling Company- COMING SOON!

IMG_7569_2Matt Cunningham stands in front of a packed room at the Hilton Garden Inn in Clarksville, TN, clad in a checkered shirt tucked in to khaki chinos. Matt certainly doesn’t fit the image that “reality” TV has led us to picture as the Tennessee backwoods distiller; he’s young, articulate, has a college degree and all of his teeth.  Today he’s announcing his plans for the Old Glory Distilling Company and showcasing the branding for the first suite of distilled spirits.  He’s nervous and excited and clearly moved as he finally shares his dream with the masses.

The Kickoff event is well attended, including project collaborators, friends, family members, local press and leaders in the Clarksville business community.  Both Theresa Harrington, Executive Director of Clarksville-Montgomery County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Tennessee State Senator Mark Green spoke to the crowd in addition to Cunningham, applauding his efforts.

Old Glory Distilling Co Building DrawingThe Old Glory site sits just off I-24 at Exit 4 with huge visibility from the highway.  Once complete, a very large, open neon sign modeled after the famous Budweiser brewery sign in St. Louis will beacon passers by to the distillery.  Hoping to bring additional tourists to Clarksville, Matt notes that this distillery is not just his, instead he wants it to be “Clarksville’s distillery, something the whole community can be proud of.”  He mentioned that one way the community can get involved with the distillery will be through bottling and labeling parties, where volunteers will sign the bottles they help to assemble.  Harrington half-joked that she hoped folks would have a few drinks and then stay at a nearby hotel for the night. Continue reading Old Glory Distilling Company- COMING SOON!