Kings County Release Celebrates Bottled In Bond Anniversary

100 Proof, 120 Years

kcd2February 28th, 2017, New York:  Kings County Distillery, one of the country’s leading craft distillers and New York City’s oldest and largest whiskey distillery, announces the first release of its Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon, which will be available in allocated quantities in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Delaware, Oregon, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Continue reading Kings County Release Celebrates Bottled In Bond Anniversary


What Tennessee Whiskey Is and Isn’t

What exactly is Tennessee Whiskey? Is it bourbon? What is mellowing?  Once limited to Jack Daniel & George Dickel, the category is experiencing a big boom.

Here, the category is explained and the myths debunked in my first article for The Whiskey Wash.

Source: Tennessee Whiskey: Jack, George, and Beyond – The Whiskey Wash

Heaven Hill Recreates the Loaves & Fishes Miracle with Stitzel-Weller Era Bourbon

Yet another magical incarnation of the famed Stitzel-Weller bourbon will be labeled by Heaven Hill this fall.  With only 3,000 bottles of the 90 proof John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve being released, demand is sure to be as high as the price tag.

Source: Heaven Hill To Release Stitzel-Weller Era Bourbon | The Whiskey Reviewer

Celebrating George Washington’s Entrepreneurship | The American Spectator

It’s President’s Day.  While you’re sitting out the snow/sleet/ice storm, take note of one of America’s pioneering whiskey producers and entrepreneurs, George Washington.

At his Scottish farm manager’s urging, Washington began distilling in Mount Vernon, VA in 1797, after his presidency and just two years before he died.  He distilled rye and corn whiskeys there and fattened his swine on the leftover mash.

…he built one of the new nation’s largest whiskey distilleries.

Celebrating George Washington’s Entrepreneurship | The American Spectator.